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Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake


BR232C04  I had a chance to set up a pair of these brakes today at Spun.

They install with ease. Dial in no problems.One of the best bleed kits in the business. Mineral oil fluid. Don’t be put off by the old “you will boil the fluid” wives tales of the past. A 280*C( 536*F) boiling point. Single piston caliper. Lever has a reservoir and reach adjustment knob( could use a little ergo work). the knob not the lever. lever is so close to perfect ergonomically i think. Quick run around the North side to bed in the brakes. I am always amazed how much heat the cooling fins dissipate. ¬†Always bed in your knew brake pads.Stops easily with little effort. Yet maintains the toss you over the bars power i like. A good price to stopping power ratio.