Profile Z Coaster review

I’m giving a profile z coaster a try. With the 45 deg selected on the slack cam. If you don’t rotate  your cranks much while you ride. The multi slack cam will do the job. iI will be swapping out the slack cam for a 60 or a 75 deg cam soon. The reason i am running this hub is axle peg compatibility. The free coaster is a bonus. 135mm rear hubs that work with pegs. As far as i know. This is it. My hope EVO worked for a while. It did not like pegs very much.  This Profile Z coaster is heavy and pricy. The non interchangeable cog is an issue. I will be doing a crank swap to get my gear ratio back in order.

The first weekend of riding was great. No issues. I thought i was going to run in free coaster mode for 20 minutes. Then swap out for the freewheel bushing. It was to much fun.  This could be what MTB street/ Street trials has lacking . 135mm hub that likes pegs. Oh almost forgot. I know a few people that have had some issues with this design of free coaster. Its not like other free coasters. Its like it has to modes of operation. That back pedaling backwards  turns it on or off.  Other free coasters are always free coasters .I’m not saying that this was there issue. This hub truly feels like a free hub when in coaster mode. Unless you engage the coaster mode. Then you get that slacky engagement. Stay within the (45 deg in my case) backpedaling limit and it is perfect. Go a 1mm to far and instant tons of unexpected slack. That’s just how it works. I have to say i like it. It takes some time to get used to it. Be patient.  You will be surprised at how much you rotate your feet unconsciously .

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