Monthly Archives: May 2016

Manitou Circus Expert and Street Park MTB frame


 First the frame. Made from True Temper tubing. I made a few changes from the last one. I think its the perfect Street trials/ park bike.


Te fork. The Manitou Circus Expert. I have been riding another brand fork for years. In many different versions travel ect. I have not ridden a Manitou product senince the early 90s. Prices are all over the place but it comes in around $350ish. The 20mm through axel is makes this fork super stiff latterly. Valving super smooth. the detentes are progressively different on compression. The sweeping rebound lever is easy to reach while riding. Im still playing with the bottoming out adjustment.

After a couple hours of riding.the fork is almost broken in. Its predictable compliant and is a looker too. The 120 width hub is the way to go. Makes a better wheel in my opinion. If you make the switch to 120mm spec. be prepared to buy some spokes if you are doing a hub swap with your existing rim. the hub i chose. I was able to reuse the right side spokes on the left of new hub. If moneys tight you can save a couple of bucks if you get lucky.

If you asked me today. would you recommend one of these forks? yes i would. I will let you know in a month or two how its working out.