Monthly Archives: February 2017

Truvati Hussefelt stem

IMG_1378  So I’ve been riding this  stem For 5 months.  I can’t say enough good things about my Hussefelt  handlebars. I have used some other Hussefelt  Products and had good experiences. On the other hand. While this stem has done exactly what it was supposed to do. Hold my handlebars where I want them.  From the first ride it creaked.  Just a little bit at first. As time has gone I would call it disturbing now.  I know the price is right on this stem.  I don’t feel like it’s going to break (sort of mostly). Anytime soon anyway fingers crossed.  I need to get like one more week out of it before my new stem comes. The creaking just does not inspire confidence.  The fit up on the steer tube is little bit on the loose side of things. That’s with the bolts completely backed out. I hate Stems that need to be spread with a screwdriver.  You know you’ve done it too.  This definitely is not one of those.  In my opinion  The stem could use a little more material on the shoulder where it comes in contact with the headset spacer.  This is where I think the creaking noise comes from. I have ordered a new Stem. Raceface review coming soon.  Some sort of a rating system coming soon.

Magura mt5 brakes

IMG_1376    I grew tired of breaking Shimano Zee calipers.  So I went with a set of these Magura Mt5 brakes.  I’ve been running them now for five or six months. They’ve been flawless.  I run the one piece pads.  The magnetic pad  retention, reach adjust.  It doesn’t get much more basic than that. If you spring for the MT 7’s  you get bite adjust.  So far I can’t say I’ve needed the bite adjust option. With a well-adjusted caliper the system seems to keep up with Pad ware perfectly.  The lever bodies are a little Flexi. That being said they have more breaking power than most people need. I am running 180 mm rotors. I have not experienced any  brake fade. Even on a long decent.  More than enough power for trials. They feather nicely. Very linear feel. Makes them great for park riding.  I would say the stopping power is definitely worth the price you pay.

Latest 26″ park/street frame


I’ve made a few  updates to my street park frame. Chain stays are 5 mm shorter.  18° degree bend down to for more foot clearance. This frames a 13.5  with a 22.5 top tube. !00% Made from 100% USA made materials. i used thicker walled tubing throughout the entire frame. For dent resistance and stiffness. Comes in handy riding quarter pipes.  Solid BMX drop outs, mid bottom bracket and integrated head tube. . I’m running 3 pegs now. Hang fives, boomerangs and a few other 1980’s flatland tricks are working out just fine. Grids are coming along. i have slowly been pushing my front peg adapter through its paces. so far its working great. The stock 20mm axle and origin 8 hub are holding up just fine. The Manitou Circus fork could care less that i attached a peg to it.