Magura mt5 brakes

IMG_1376    I grew tired of breaking Shimano Zee calipers.  So I went with a set of these Magura Mt5 brakes.  I’ve been running them now for five or six months. They’ve been flawless.  I run the one piece pads.  The magnetic pad  retention, reach adjust.  It doesn’t get much more basic than that. If you spring for the MT 7’s  you get bite adjust.  So far I can’t say I’ve needed the bite adjust option. With a well-adjusted caliper the system seems to keep up with Pad ware perfectly.  The lever bodies are a little Flexi. That being said they have more breaking power than most people need. I am running 180 mm rotors. I have not experienced any  brake fade. Even on a long decent.  More than enough power for trials. They feather nicely. Very linear feel. Makes them great for park riding.  I would say the stopping power is definitely worth the price you pay.

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