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Braking News


First casualty of spring riding season.This is the second Shimano ZEE caliper i have broken. They seem to last about 6 months and they have broken in the same place,


I gave these Clarks rotors a go. They worked ok/well. Pulsated at low speed. Cleared water and dirt just fine.Down side inconsistent manufacturing. Rotors measured less than 180mm and you can see from picture that different amounts of material has been removed from the rotors. These rotors pulsated really bad with single piston calipers i thought. Could use a little more surface area to reduce pulsing.


Like these Magura  Storm 180mm . I swapped these for the Clarks .After a couple of weeks of riding. multiple brake pad compounds they perform great. Good price. Dissipate heat well,

Kool Stop  pads for saint brakes. Great low temperature operation(they don’t need as much heat in the pads to work).Great power and modulation. I don’t recommend these for high speed prolonged braking. Great for trials.Be sure to bed in pads properly. They will last longer and work better.

Khe mtb free coaster wrap up. DON’T BUY !!!!!!!!!!


Well after wanting a free coaster for a couple of years. What a let down.Who would make a MTB hub that you cant use for jumping. I have had this hub for less than a week. I replaced bearings 4 times. I knew going in that this hub was based on there BMX version. I assumed they had oh i don’t know tested it before putting it on sale. This hub blows out drive side bearings like there going out of style.

Bottom line. Don’t buy one. It could have been brilliant but its the opposite of that. Its fun for flatland only. If used for anything else you will brake it. I can’t see how this free coaster design is used by so many other company’s. Being a Trials rider most of the parts i use are MTB parts. The quality is so much better. Sorry Khe your hub is in my opinion is junk!

Sunday 165mm Saker Cranks

The Saker Cranks are designed to be an affordable 3-pc crank with tubular chromoly arms that have a single pinch bolt design.  It uses a 19mm chromoly spindle with 8 splines. The cranks include a 19mm Mid BB with spacers. Available in RHD only.  Comes in black or chrome. Description directly from Sunday site.



I wanted to try a 165mm crank arm length. I haven’t ran 165mm arms since my 1995 Monty T-219.The price was right. Less than a hundred bucks.Last pair of cranks i had like this lasted 5 years. I bent a Profile GDH last year. I think they lasted something like 3 months. Put my cheap ass Haro cranks back on. they were 175mm .I wanted to try 165s so Sunday Saker fit the bill. After a month of riding they are perfect.No problems no creaks.The only tweak was a little extra blue loctite on the bolts