Monthly Archives: April 2017

Magura mt-5 update

So after eight months of ownership. Here’s where were at. First I only have six months of riding time on these brakes  I lost two months of riding time due to an injury.   Which equates to 150 hours.  I can’t translate it into miles. Skate park mileage is hard to calculate and my street riding loop is like 11 miles. Which would equate to an even less impressive number.

I noticed my brakes started feeling a little spongy. At first I thought maybe I had an air bubble or something.  Then  I buried the letter into my knuckle. That’s sort of sucked. It only took off a little chunk of skin so I kept riding .  When I loaded up after the ride. I decide to take a quick peek to see what was going on. On the good side even with the crack. Neither one of the lever snapped off.  Just fractured. I’ve been using Magura breaks since the early 90s. This is the first lever that has failed like this. 

Issue number two. What I think is excessive wear on the back of the pistons. I noticed that my reach was cranked all the way out. Wasn’t sure what was going on. Now I know. Magura  has warranteed the lever blades.  I’m not sure what they’re going to do about the piston wear .

I thought the plastic master cylinder was going to be the weak link. I was surprised with cracking the brake levers.  I have crashed on these levers a couple of times. Nothing severe though.  Am I the average end-user?  Probably not. Any form of trials riding is hard on equipment.

I still think they’re great breaks. My Shimano Zee brakes. I snapped 2 break calipers and one cracked master cylinder.  I can’t even remember how many lever blades I broke.  In that same amount of time.So to stress cracked levers and a couple of lightly worn Pistons.  I guess I’m good with that.