Sunday 165mm Saker Cranks

The Saker Cranks are designed to be an affordable 3-pc crank with tubular chromoly arms that have a single pinch bolt design.  It uses a 19mm chromoly spindle with 8 splines. The cranks include a 19mm Mid BB with spacers. Available in RHD only.  Comes in black or chrome. Description directly from Sunday site.



I wanted to try a 165mm crank arm length. I haven’t ran 165mm arms since my 1995 Monty T-219.The price was right. Less than a hundred bucks.Last pair of cranks i had like this lasted 5 years. I bent a Profile GDH last year. I think they lasted something like 3 months. Put my cheap ass Haro cranks back on. they were 175mm .I wanted to try 165s so Sunday Saker fit the bill. After a month of riding they are perfect.No problems no creaks.The only tweak was a little extra blue loctite on the bolts

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