Latest 26″ park/street frame


I’ve made a few  updates to my street park frame. Chain stays are 5 mm shorter.  18° degree bend down to for more foot clearance. This frames a 13.5  with a 22.5 top tube. !00% Made from 100% USA made materials. i used thicker walled tubing throughout the entire frame. For dent resistance and stiffness. Comes in handy riding quarter pipes.  Solid BMX drop outs, mid bottom bracket and integrated head tube. . I’m running 3 pegs now. Hang fives, boomerangs and a few other 1980’s flatland tricks are working out just fine. Grids are coming along. i have slowly been pushing my front peg adapter through its paces. so far its working great. The stock 20mm axle and origin 8 hub are holding up just fine. The Manitou Circus fork could care less that i attached a peg to it.

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